The mind is a terrible thing to waste!

You were born, went to school, or perhaps you are starting that journey. Do you know how many ideas have come to you and gone? Do you know that one of these ideas could easily have made you a millionaire, even a billionaire?

What happened to all the term papers you wrote in college? What happened to all the science projects you completed in high school or college?

Do you know where your diplomas and achievements are stored? Are they framed and bulky to carry around? Are they lost and collecting dust?

Do you have a curriculum vitae (CV)? Does your curriculum vitae describe your achievements in your entire life? We have found that a CV does not do you justice. Palmares.Global is here to save the Day! Join Palmares.Global Today!

Palmares.Global is a solution that allows you to keep track of all your ideas, thoughts, papers, projects, diplomas, transcripts, and achievements, and anything of value in one place so you will never lose another great thought or idea again!

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At Palmares.Global, you can even have a family tree for the whole family's achievements. Wouldn't it be nice if your great-great grandchildren discovered what you did when you were on this earth? Palmares.Global makes that possible.

All your achievements from infancy to adulthood are in one place and discoverable by anyone who searches Palmares.Global. Your whole family members’ accomplishments can be found in one place, and your legacy is saved and shared with the world. You also have an option to share whatever information you want the world to see and lock those you wish to keep to yourself. There is no more guesswork. Employers do not have to struggle to find pertinent information about you. Just share your page password with an employer, et voila!

Palmares.Global is the new individual and family information HUB that puts you on the map. Your visibility is guaranteed at Palmares.Global!

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